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So, what is iRomantic about?

iRomantic a provides you 200+ romantic tips that will help you keep the spice in your romance. All you need to do is simply shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to reveal a new romantic tip to use on your partner.

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Check out some screen shots of iRomantic so you can see for yourself!

Many iRomantic tips can activate a range of the applications on your Apple device so you can act straight away.

Let’s take an example; say you shake your iPhone /iPod Touch and you come across a tip that recommends you learn a "massage technique" on your partner, the tip will provides 1 tap access to YouTube so you can watch a video on “massage techniques”. Helping you become romantic straight away!

Shake your Apple iPhone again and you'll come across a tip that suggests you send a love-SMS. Using your iPhone SMS pplication, you are able to send an instant SMS message straight away!

Other features include ability add tips to favorites, search for specific tips and even email tips to friends.

Of course the tips are not all about anniversaries dates. Real romantic moments are often the most spontaneous. If you're are looking for a spontaneous romantic idea, all you need to do is simply shake your iPhone or iPod Touch , it’s that easy.

Just one warning, please use iRomantic responsibly, as there is power in this application to overwhelm your partner!